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Watch: This District Magistrate in UP publically curses Narendra Modi for creating trouble

Demonetization! A new rule implemented by our PM Modi which has shaken the whole nation in just one night. The move was so devastating that even after two months nobody is still over it. And the reasons are legit, it’s true that it is something in the favor of nation but nobody can deny the fact that people are actually facing problems because of that.
Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have been adjourned millions of times on the same issue. Statements are being passes from all the corners of the country where some are praising while some are cursing Narendra Modi for this move.

Take a look at this video where Pilibhit DM is cursing Narendra Modi for creating unnecessary troubles for everyone:

NLC Team tried calling Pilibhit DM thrice but he did not pick up. We are still trying to connect him and know his take on the matter.

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