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No Fear No Favour

Watch Priyanka Chopra gushes about her first love Brando on twitter.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is well known for being an animal lover. This was reflected when she brought home a 6-week old dog in her Uber apartment in Manhattan.

Though because of her busy schedule it’s not possible for Priyanka to take care of Brando, hence she decided to send him to her little sister’s home.

One fanclub member made video message for Priyanka , where Peecee is seen playing with her pet dog.

Later, Priyanka retweeted the video with a caption “Aww… you will always be my number 1, Brando! You’re going to love your lil sister! #ThisIsFamily #FirstLove See you soon”

She’s such a sweetheart.

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