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WATCH! Here’s What Baba Sehgal Has To Say To Cashless India

Baba Sehgal, India’s first rap artist, is in free flow as he sings about the government’s latest monetary move. Since he appeared on the scene in the 1990s, the rapper has used his rhyming skills to great effect to comment on a host of issues. In August, he released Trump ka Mania, an ode to the US presidential candidate and now president-elect Donald Trump. He’s also released tracks on everything from the popstar Rihanna to aloo ka parathas. His latest is dedicated “to all the ATMs in India” and is titled, simply, ATM.

Baba Sehgal has a different style of communicating with people. After releasing a song on black money post demonetization, he is back with a new song on ATMs.

In the video, baba is sympathising with the ATM machine as he sings: “Choti si machine hai, ATM; thodi moti, thodi lean hai ATM; baby life uski hard hai, ATM; debit aur credit card hai, ATM”

He also tries to comfort those standing in a line:
“Maathey ka paseena thoda leak ho jayega. Don’t worry uncle, sab theek ho jayega.”

The performance documents the plight of the ATM and offers ideas on what citizens can do while waiting in queue.

Whether Sehgal is in favour of demonetisation or not is difficult to tell.

“Banks not able to fulfil the needs of common people because of insufficient funds has created quite a negative impact in their minds,” he acknowledges in the description of the video. But he goes on to add, “Nevertheless, our janta is forgiving and majority of them has welcomed the move by the Modi government.”

So, here presenting ATM for all Baba Sehgal Fans-

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