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No Fear No Favour

Video of Mumbai DCP Manoj Sharma befitting reply to all those who says Police profession is corrupt, is a worth watch.

We all curse them; we all hate them when they interfere in our life, we all said they are corrupt, mamu and many other names, but we forget their importance in our life. They are the ones who put their own and their family lives at risk to protect us. Please listen to Shri Manoj Sharma, DCP, Mumbai Police who talks about day-to-day challenges that police personnel face every day. To help them to serve us better, police needs our support.

Manoj Sharma did say there are corrupts in police profession as well but that is the case with every other profession be it medical or judiciary. Just because police profession has some corrupts it’s not justifiable to tag the whole profession as corrupt. Manoj Sharma also said people are impatient, they wanted quick results every time they hear about any mishaps, but they forget that policemen were also human, it takes some time to catch criminal, it is not an easy job.
Please watch the video here:

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