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VHP Chief Togadia Attacked PM Modi Over Go Rakshak Comment!

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Pravin Togadia is not at all happy with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks against cow vigilantes, working President of VHP said- by dubbing them an “anti-social” he had insulted them and demands the government should apologize to them. Pravin Togadia said that Modi’s directive to states to create dossiers of cow vigilantes amounts to ‘racial profiling’ of Hindus as they are the ones who give their lives for protecting the animal. He also questioned as to why the “head of the country” has given a clean chit to “cow butchers” and victimised cow protectors, who have been his avid supporters and helped him getting elected.

Pravin Togadia also said that Modi, rather than appreciating efforts of Hindus to save cows and initiating a sincere dialogue with “these simple, non-fancy gau-rakshaks” he had termed 80 per cent of them as “anti-social”, and that was an “insult not only of Mother cow but also of Hindus and all those who gave their lives for protecting cows”.
In his twitter post he asked Prime minister Modi to prove his allegation that 80 per cent of ‘gaurakshaks’ indulged in anti-social activities. Togadia also said that “the head of the nation asking all states to ‘create dossiers’ of cow protectors means racial profiling of a particular community, namely Hindus, because it is Hindus who give their own lives to protect cows.” In his lengthy twitter rant , The VHP leader assured the “law-abiding gaurakshaks of all help, including taking care of their families, if they were targeted by state governments due to the “racially- motivated” advisory by the central government.

He demanded the Prime Minister immediately bring a national law against butchering, trafficking of cows, business of beef and cow progeny. He also demanded that PMO announce a 24-hour ‘gaurakshak helpline’ soon after the passage of this law. Togadia at last demands a complete ban on beef exports, claiming it has increased by 44 per cent over the past four years. According to Togadia, the meat which is exported is not of cows that have died from eating plastic but those butchered. Pravin Togadia is famous for his controversial remarks, remember the time when he advised men to ‘worship their manhood’ or the time when he demand a full ban on those who throws rocks at national leaders. PravinTogadia twitter rant against Prime minister Narendra Modi proved that ‘Bhagwa Group’ like RSS and VHP are not at all happy with recent actions of Modi or should we say BJP, it will be an interesting future for both BJP and Sangh.

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