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US has got more ‘Gun Shops’ than Starbucks & McDonald’s put together!

The Orlando shooting took the lives of 50 people and scarred the entire United States in what is the worst mass shooting in generations. Not only are this Accidental Gun Deaths Involving Children also Major Problem in US. Now just understand why shooting is so common?
Gun child

It’s not difficult to buy a gun in America. Buying a gun is as easy as buying a Frappuccino. You will be surprised to know that there are almost 65,000 gun dealerships in the US, which is more than supermarkets, McDonald’s and Starbucks put is as easy to buy a gun in US as a toy .Hundreds of stores sell guns, from big chains like Walmart to family-run shops .you can attend one of the dozens of gun shows that take place almost every weekend nationwide .this father’s day too lot of gun shows are being organised. People also regularly buy guns from neighbours or family members. Gun violence in the United States results in thousands of deaths and injuries annually .President Barack Obama tried to nudge the conversation towards stricter gun control, much of country remains involved in a love affair with firearms. There are children dying due to unintentional shootings, more can always be done to promote healthy gun ownership to Americans. Americans teach their kids for fire safety, poison safety, stranger safety, driving and many more acts so why they don’t teach them firearm safety?

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