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UP Tourism And Their Verbose Tweets Are Hilarious, Look At It!

Uttar Pradesh, Place of the world famous monuments like Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. Ganga and Yamuna flow here. This northern Indian state has everything what tourists desire to visits in their life. But when Uttar Pradesh tourism board’s official Twitter account published a new tweet to promote the ancient city of Varanasi, a whole different form of attention was focused on the state. Let’s just say it was bodacious, jocular, inscrutable and stupefy at the same time.

You didn’t understand what we are talking about, just look at the tweet for once!
Yes remember the last time you used ‘unbeaten’, ‘sagacious’, ‘astuteness’, ‘figurine’ and ‘rectitude’ all in one sentence, let alone one tweet? Never? Well nobody did, Also there is ‘seizure’, ‘quietude’, ‘engraved’ and ‘transcendent’, in the accompanying image. It’s a no-brainer if you do some mistake on twitter, you are bound to become the next ‘butt of crack joke’ guy on 140 letter social networking websites.

You remember the episode of friends where Joey composed a ‘smart’ sounding recommendation letter for Monica and Chandler, and replaced each word with a more pretentious equivalent from a thesaurus. Yea, looks like someone from UP Tourism twitter handle also has Joey smart recommendation letter. Others, just like us find an excuse to write letters, which we generally don’t use, like this one. Hey, there’s a silver lining here, maybe Up Tourism just wanted the world to know their English efficiency, right?

Well we think it is pretentious, magniloquent, gibberish and down-right turgid, this is the first time right? NO? Okay then #GoUPTourism

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