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UP elections to take a major turn, Big leaders all set to change parties

The upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections never seemed so interesting before. With each passing day we are witnessing a totally different scenario.
Be it the Yadav clan war which turned out with a totally different picture of what we expected. Or be it Durga shakti nagpal’s most awaited entry into the UP politics.
Now, something even more interesting is going to happen!

All the top notches of different parties are all set to deflect from their own party. The reason? We are still in a quest to find out. According to the exclusive NLC reports, top party leaders such as Naresh Aggarwal, Amar Pal Sharma, Ashok Pradhan and few others are deflecting from their own parties.

NLC confirms this news first . Naresh Aggarwal former power minister UP is all Set to join BJP after 10 of November whereas BJP top brass projecting amar pal sharma (BSP Mla from Gaziabad) next candidate to cutting Rajnath’s son candidature .

Ashok Pradhan former BJP minister now SP heavy weight is also expected to join BSP. These deflections are definitely going to give a major turn and totally change the face of whatever forecasts we had for the elections.

These Uttar Pradesh elections are definitely going to be the game changer as well as the most unpredictable elections ever!

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