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Twitter To Go Live! Will Broadcast US Political Convention

Twitter! The infamous arena where people tweet out their minds in 140 characters has added another jewel to its crown to gaze at. It is all set to go live. In association with CBS News, Twitter is all set to broadcast the live coverage of the Political Convention from Cleveland. Traditionally “live” has meant real-time tweets; now it also means live, must-see TV.

What Twitter users see won’t be the traditional CBS television coverage of the convention — the version anchored by Scott Pelley in prime time. Instead, it will be the CBSN version — the news division’s Internet stream. Three CBSN anchors — Josh Elliott, Elaine Quijano and Vladimir Duthiers — will be in Cleveland for the live coverage. It had already tested the feature by broadcasting Wimbledon and Football matches. Well, it can be said that Twitter is all set to make the bird fly to the stocks it ever dreamt of. It can be an aspirin for its current struggling stock prices and a pavement to drift apart from other social networks.

A “live-ly” move indeed!

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