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Twitter : The Best Place For “Work”.

“I Quit” said he on Twitter and the office flung into chaos!
Such is the current scenario. The platforms that were actually destined to drive us away from work to pleasure and relaxation are now the notice boards of those offices.
Official orders! Sacks! Resignations! and what not?
We’re actually taking digitization to a whole new level. Latest being the case of Devendra Fadnavis and Pankaja Munde where the former nods for the Singapore trip regarding WLS 2016, and where exactly it happened? Take a guess! Twitter.

To start with, Munde declared she would not be attending a global water leader summit on Monday since she was no longer minister of that portfolio. To that, Fadnavis responded by saying she needs to attend it since as a senior minister, she would be representing the Maharashtra government. This is not the first case though. Last year, Minister of State for External Affairs, V K Singh had kicked up a storm when he tweeted out that he was forced to attend the national day reception at Pakistan High Commission against his wishes. Now the question here is that what’s legitimate and what’s not to tweet in 140 characters.

There have been a lot of instances where people in power have used twitter as a tool to order or command rather than to use it for reform or betterment. Be it Kejriwal addressing his ministers over the social media or some Army chief being sacked online in a distant country. Or Heidi Alexander resigning over twitter. All of these raise the similar question of legitimacy and the extent of transparency required “online”. Some protocols and procedures are conventional but that’s the very sanctity of it. One should never trespass this line. Or at times one should. It’s hard to know when, when you’re out of logic and reason.

Something to tweet about! Isn’t it?

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