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‘Toast’ a Dog is trending on Social Media for writing a ‘Book’ Unbelievable!

People write books, college students write books but have you ever heard a ‘Dog’ writing a book?? If not then get ready to surf with us the new book that has been written by a very famous Dog celebrity of Instagram named ‘Toast’. Yes, Toast has written a book for dog’s style. A 10-year-old ruby Cavalier with marble-round eyes and an unreasonably long tongue that flops out one side of her mouth, Toast was rescued from a puppy mill half a decade ago by Sturino and her husband Josh Ostrovsky (better known as the Instagram comedian “Fat Jew”). It’s a rags-to-riches story. Toast commands a following of 355,000 on Instagram and is repped by DBA (Digital Brand Architects), an agency that specializes in internet celebrities.


Toast Hampton: How to summer style (Harper Design, 2016) consists of 120 sleek pages of photographs showing Toast posing against tony Hamptons backdrops. In some images, the dog wears sunglasses or sweaters; in others, she appears au naturel, with her trademark lolling tongue. The photos are professionally shot and are full of colorful ornaments that are similar to what you’ll find scrolling through Toast’s Instagram except bigger, fancier and, well, with a $16.99 price tag attached.


Reading the book or looking at the pictures, rather, since the text consists of one-line captions like: “As I always say: paws up kale salad!”—feels a bit like printing out a Twitter meme, putting it up on your fridge for a sense of permanence and then being confronted with the resounding meaninglessness of existence. Now that’s what we call a swag!

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