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Tiger Shroff Favourite Day IS Here!

Yes, the day is here, the day where we talk about the most fearsome creature on this planet, and the creature is none other than Tiger Shroff and the day is International Tiger Day. Yes, the actor whose movies gets worldwide premier on Animal Planet channel. The actor whose films carry the message ‘No Animals were harmed in making this film’,the actor whose favourite movie is ‘Ek tha tiger’ , You get the jokes right?

So what we are thinking is how Tiger is going to celebrate his day with his tiger family, what special plans does he have for his community, maybe they’ll go and watch a movie together named ‘Secret life of Cats’ who knows. But sources close to Tiger have confirmed us that Tiger is planning something big for the Tiger family. “Of course tiger has planned a big surprise event for tiger community; he is loved by all and also become very successful actor in movie industry, well maybe not big as Mr. Richard Parker (he worked in Hollywood n’all) but still a successful actor nonetheless” source said to News leak Centre.

So, it’s confirmed that Tiger is all set to celebrate International Tiger Day guys! On a serious note International Tiger Day is held annualy on July 29 to give worldwide attention to the reservation of tigers. Tigers are magnificent creatures. They are more than just a hunter’s delight or our national animal, they are the pride of the wildlife and deserve to thrive on this planet as much as we do. Do not condemn them to the terrible fate of extinction. That would be an unimaginable crime. Meanwhile, Tiger Shroff movie ‘A Flying Jatt’ is set to hit theatres on 26 August. Jacqueline Fernandez plays the female lead opposite Tiger in the film, while Nathan Jones plays the antagonist. Directed by Remo D’Souza, ‘A Flying Jatt’ runs high on fight scenes and gravity-defying stunts.
This is a humour article and we love Tiger Shroff and Tigers equally, Happy International Tiger Day to all our readers!

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