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Thousand gathered for the funeral of ’20-Rupees doctor’

The famous doctor and heart surgeon Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty went to the silent sleep called as death on 16th September but his gentle behaviour and kind nature towards the people of country will always be remembered for his traits that distinguish him from other doctors.

He took only 20-rupees from the people for their treatment and the 20-rupees were charged as a recovery to the cost of injections and medicines that he used to provide to the people.

He was the self-believer according to him the young Indian surgeons had performed more than twenty thousand surgeries and they all are at the age of 30s which means very fruitful age and lot is left behind to learn. In order to use the Indian talent in the year 2000 he opened The Narayana Hospital. Which later was turn into the group of 32 hospitals from the single hospital? Through his chain of hospital he use to provide low budget treatment to the public with best efforts and techniques involved.

On his funeral we found that thousands of people were managed to gather to console their heart that this Great, Gentle and Kind man is no more.

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