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“Those who live in glass houses, should better not throw stones at others” : Sushma Swaraj at UNGA

“Jinke ghar sheeshe k hote hai wo dusro pe patther ni maarta” External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has lived up to expectations of all the Indians by her UN speech.

Sushma Swaraj gave the speech a slow start but later was in a totally attacking mode when she came to the topic of terrorism and Uri Attacks. Mrs. Swaraj gave one of the most powerful replies to the neighbouring country Pakistan as she said, “We have reports in written form that these people are repeatedly attacking our country. I went to Islamabad, even our PM Modi went there twice. But what have we got in return from that country? The results of our friendly visit were Pathankot and Uri attacks”

Sushma also expressed grief over the incident saying that, “ We gave our best in trying to maintain friendly relations with this country but If a country tries to interrupt the peace of our country, we must definitely boycott them”

She also gave a strict warning to Pakistan saying that, “ If they think that by these repeated terrorism attacks, they think that can snatch away a part of our country, then I strictly warn you that Kashmir has always been an integral part of our country. Nobody can ever snatch it away from us”

“Stop dreaming of Kashmir Pakistan” The lady definitely knew that all eyes were on her.

Well said Mrs. Swaraj!

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