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This video will bring tears in your eyes; Amritsar family Performing last rites to their dearest Dog

“No one in this world can love you the way your dog does” One of the most beautiful lines ever said on the bond between a man and a dog. A dog loves his master unconditionally, more than he loves himself. They treat you like you are the most special human on this earth. They can understand when you are sad; they are always by your side in your ups and downs. If you have ever owned a pet, you can understand that pets are more than just animals, they are family. And losing a dog is one of the biggest losses one could bear. We had been sent this video from one of our readers from Amritsar, where we can feel the sadness of this family when they lost the most special member of their family. This family is performing their dog’s last rites according to the Sikh traditions. This video shows how this family was emotionally connected to their pet.
Even according to some Austrian researchers, the relationship between pet owners and their dogs is very similar to the deep connection between young children and their parents.
They examined the ‘secure base effect’, which is a key element in child/parent bonding that had not examined between dog owners and their pets.

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