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No Fear No Favour

This new tea will help you kick-start your day with punch of alcohol!

If you are tea-lovers like us, you know how much importance it has in the morning. But now the same morning tea will give you a kick, thanks to a bunch of scientists who made a wine with a brew.

Yes, you can now has all the benefits of tea with extra-kick from wine as tea-wine, which has been created by a Himalayan laboratory is set to transfer the technology to a firm in Mozambique. Two Indian units in Pune and Hamirpur are also showing interest in the tea-wine hybrid.

The brown colored wine is made from ingredients like tea dust, yeast, sugar and four varieties of fruit, including a Himachal fruit named Kafal and a type of yellow berries. Its alcohol content is 10-13% which is more than Breezer’s 4.8% alcohol percent.

The tea-based wine is rich anti-oxidant components, which protects the body from cell damage. It has anti-oxidant component known as ‘Catechin’ which is also found in green tea, helps remove dangerous free radicals from the body. High Catechin content is beneficial for your health.

Sanjay Kumar, Director of the CSIR Institute of Himalayan Bioresources Technology (IHBT), Palampur said: “We are going to compete with high-end wines. As the global market of organic wine is worth several billions of dollars, we intend to pitch in with our product,”

Four varieties of tea based wine are available in IHBT laboratory. The most popular ‘Kargil Sepoy’ is been named after it was found popular with the armed forces during a three year trial.

Though the tea-based wine was developed several years ago, Indian wine industry was not interested initially because of complexities surrounding in the Indian excise rules as the raw material is a new crop. But a fresh start in commercialization has now come from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research headquarters after the CSIR was asked by the government to earn more revenue.

Scientists start the tea-wine project more than a decade ago when tea sector in Kangra valley faced major economic crisis. The aim behind tea-based wine was to create more value added products from tea to boost the local economy.

Now start your day with Alcohal and tea!

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