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No Fear No Favour

This new Nescafe advertisement is winning hearts all over the internet, check it out!

Famous coffee brand Nescafe has collaborated with Red FM for their new campaign #StayStarted. The brand seems to have shifted focus from its initial hook of waking up to the coffee, then to it acting as a conversation-starter–to now #StayStarted.

We all know the struggle of waking up in the morning to go to work, but this young radio jockey, who hosts the 5:30 am show, always steps into the studio with a bright smile. The inspiring video starts with RJ Rishi, played by actor Sumeet Thakur, hosting a challenging early morning radio show, urging sleepyheads to wake up in a bid to get listeners to dial in.

Days pass as he struggles to find listeners, but hangs on to hope that someday listeners will call and talk to him. In his quest, RJ Rishi tries to lure listeners in by asking them to share jokes, get free vouchers, passes, an umbrella and even announcing ‘aj mera birthday hai, please call karo.”


But, nothing works.

Undaunted, RJ Rishi goes on, “But no tring-trong… I’ll play the next song.”

And then, one fine day, the studio watchman asks Rishi: “When no one’s listening, how will the phone ring?”
So, while Rishi broods over his cuppa, he comes up with a bright idea and decides to turn his weakness into strength by realising that everyone would want to talk when no one is listening and starts focusing on this proposition to invite listeners to share their stories, since no one is listening. And it works in his favour!


His phone starts ringing and he gets inundated with listeners calling in from everywhere, pouring their hearts out, venting their frustrations against the boss, seek an apology from someone and profess love to someone.

The video was posted on YouTube about a week ago and had garnered more than 4 million views at the time of publishing this story.

Check out the Nescafe #StayStarted Advertisement here:

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