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This laddu prasad will cost you more then 51 brand new Iphones.

Well we are not joking at all, the Laddu Prasad in Balapur auctioned at Rs 14.65 lakh rupees. The amount at which a Laddu is sold is same as brand new Honda Civic, 3 Maruti Alto, 1 Bhk flat in Noida, and 51 Iphones.

Prestigious Balapur Ganesh Laddu was bought at Rs14.65 lakh by businessman Skylab Reddy of the village. “It is a great fortune to be able to win the Laddu in the auction,” a delighted Skylab Reddy said.

Began with Rs10.32 lakh, the last year’s price, the auction went up to Rs14.65 lakh with the competitors increasing their quotation thousands at a time. The funds are generally spent on the village development and welfare activities.


Last year, the laddu was auctioned at 10,32 Lakh. The tradition was started by Kollam Mohan Reddy in 1994, when he first brought the laddu Prasad at just Rs. 450. From that year to today the laddu Prasad value is increased by more than whooping 3330% in just 22 years.

List of who brought Balapur Laddu till date :

Year Bidder Name Amount (Rs.)
2016 Skylab Reddy 14,65,000.00
2015 Kallem Madan Mohan Reddy 10,32,000.00
2014 Singireddy Devendar reddy 9,50,000.00
2013 Teegela Krishna reddy 9,26,000.00
2012 Govardhan reddy 7,50,000.00
2011 Kolan Brothers 5,45,000.00
2010 Kodali Sreedar Babu 5,35,000.00
2009 Saritha 5,10,000.00
2008 Kollan Mohan Reddy 5,07,000.00
2007 G. Raghunandana Chary 4,15,000.00
2006 Chigirintha Tirupathi Reddy 3,00,000.00
2005 Ibram Shekar 2,08,000.00
2004 Kollan Mohan Reddy 2,01,000.00
2003 Chigirintha Bal Reddy 1,55,000.00
2002 Kandhada Madav Reddy 1,05,000.00
2001 G. Raghunandana Chary 85,000.00
2000 Kallem Anji Reddy 66,000.00
1999 Kallem Prathap Reddy 65,000.00
1998 Kollan Mohan Reddy 51,000.00
1997 Kollan Krishna Reddy 28,000.00
1996 Kollan Krishna Reddy 18,000.00
1995 Kollan Mohan Reddy 4,500.00
1994 Kollan Mohan Reddy 450.00

By: Saket Sharma

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