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This Is How People Reacted To The Transgenders Eating In The Restaurant

Transgender has still not got the mainstream recognition as the general public has got. Though the Kochi Metro Rail tried to put transgender in mainstream lifestyle by employing 23 transgender as ground staff, the first time in the country where the government-run entity in India hired transgender as employees. In the same way, breaking the stereotypes, Anjali Lama was seen doing cat walking her way into the fashion industry.

Not just India, Bangladesh, too, had made the progressive decision by making transgender a separate gender. But when it comes down to acceptance, both the countries share same platform. Not many of us have seen transgender working, eating in a restaurant normally like us.

A social experiment video made by Robi Axiata Limited, a Bangladeshi telecommunications company, is going viral on social media for all the right reasons. The video starts with a restaurant, wanting to enjoy the Iftari food.

Upon seated, the two transgender women were told by a person to leave the restaurant. Then another man comes into the frame, telling them to leave as he had paid money to come to the restaurant and doesn’t want to see “them” there. But suddenly, people started defending the women.

With the argument heating up fast, a man, possibly one of the organisers of the ‘experiment’ breaks them up and reveals that there are hidden cameras. “We were looking for people like you. People who are raising a voice for their (transgender persons’) rights,” he says.

Watch the video here:

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