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No Fear No Favour

This girl just took the Father-Daughter relation to all new height

In schools, we were taught how Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru or Subhash Chandra Bose became heroes by doing something worth for the country. But we often fail to recognise many other real-life heroes amongst us, who sacrifice their own life for others.

Though we see people donating their organs to the needy patients, it would be either after their death or when they are in need of money.

In a country, where daughters are tagged “useless”, a Mumbai-based woman has caught the attention of many for setting an example by donating liver to her ailing father. Daddy’s angel, indeed.

A doctor named Rachit Bhushan Shrivastava shared the heartwarming and inspiring story of Pooja Bijarnia on Facebook and it went viral on social media in no time.

The doctor calls Pooja a brave daughter, who doesn’t believe in the words luck, fear and impossible and praise her brave and heroic act to save her father.

#BRAVEDAUGHTER:There are some REAL LIFE HEROES who don’t believe in words like LUCK, FEAR and IMPOSSIBLE.When people say that DAUGHTERS are useless she is an answer to them.A girl whom I don’t know personally but then for me,she is a HERO who underwent LIVER TRANSPLANT and saved the life of her father.Proud of you girl and there is so much to learn from people like her.God bless you Pooja Bijarnia [sic],” reads the Facebook post of Rachit.

In the photo shared on social media, the operation scars are seen on the bodies of both Pooja and her father. “A big salute. Really no words,” netizens appreciate the youngster.

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