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No Fear No Favour

This Dog love towards his owners is the cutest thing you see on Internet today.

We all know how loyal dogs are to their owners. If you are not aware then it would be because you never had a dog pet in your family. There’s no denying that dogs are the best friend of humans.

There are so many families who possess a dog and treat them like their family member. They take their pet to every place where ever they go because they know that it’s very entertaining and supportive to be with a dog while you are at picnic, party, relative place or just at your walking streets.

Here we have an example of a dog of an elderly man. The man is so sick that only somehow he can walk and you will be pleased to see the cute nature of this dog that how patiently and politely he is providing his company to that old man who has no other friend in his friend circle or relation. There is no one to take him to outside to get the daily required amenities like eatables or anything but this dog is there to help his elderly friend when there is no one like his son, daughter or relatives.

Watch this video of dog helping his elderly friends to walk on roads-

BY: Shivendra Pandey.

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