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No Fear No Favour

This courageous mother wants to desexualise breastfeeding, uploaded several videos of breastfeeding her son on Youtube.

In 21st century we still treated breastfeeding as a sexualise thing, a certain level of uneasiness always attached with it. However to change the norms a mother/youtuber named Ana Garcia hopes to normalise the practice of breastfeeding children in public by posting videos of her nursing her four-and-a-half-year-old son.

Ana Garcia, who previously lived in Coventry, England before moving to Spain, has a YouTube channel called ‘MamaGarciaVlog’ which has already amassed over 69 million views – and hundreds of thousands of comments.

It features multiple videos of her breastfeeding in public places as well as giving advice on the subject. Ana initially began uploading videos to help her gain confidence to breastfeed her son, Matteo, 4, in the open.

However the journey is still quite tough for her, though some praised her bold and courageous step there are some who criticised her video. Ana says that her videos have received a mixed response online, saying: ‘I receive lots of emails and comments from women thanking me for what I’m doing on YouTube.

‘But some men message asking me to do private videos and confusing my channel for porn – but my videos couldn’t be further from porn because I show myself and my child.

Ana’s YouTube channel features videos with titles such as ‘BREASTFEEDING AT THE BEACH’ and ‘Breastfeeding clothing’.

She wants to encourage other women to not be ashamed of breastfeeding in public.

‘When I started making these videos, there was hardly any information online about breastfeeding. I felt it was important to put my journey on YouTube and share advice.

‘My message to other women is to go with your gut. Stop listening to what people telling you what you have to do with your child. Inform yourself and do what feels right.’

Watch the video here:

Did you support Ana Garcia videos or you believe breastfeeding should be a personal in the shadows type of thing, comments below.

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