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This Bengaluru girl rejected a guy for the love of her dog! Way to go girl

Marriage is a lifetime affair which not involves two people but the whole two khandaans! And for some people their Khandaan includes their dogs! Only people who own a dog can understand the immense love what a dog gives. But this girl seems to have gone too far for the love of her dog. She actually rejected the marriage proposal of a guy for the sake of her dog. Bengaluru-based girl rejected her marriage proposal because the boy didn’t like dogs.
Yes. She really did shoot down a man because he wouldn’t have allowed a dog in the house, let alone the bed.
For dog lovers, this would be a perfectly legit reason to reckon with. For others, not so much.
But all things aside, one must read the hilarious chat that these guys exchanged.

This conversation would have been equally funny had it been the man who had rejected a girl for her distaste in dogs. Because it’s not a man vs woman thing. It’s a dog thing.
And a dog always stays.

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