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No Fear No Favour

These tweets led us think that maybe Arvind Kejriwal twitter account was hacked after all!

A muffler, a Gandhi topi, dressing as simply as one can and a secular fundamentalist surrounded by a mix of NGO activists and old style socialists — that’s Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for you. An IITian and a former IRS officer, Kejriwal’s ‘anti-establishment’ image became an instant hit when the former leading member of Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption brigade decide to join politics.

The rest, as they say, is history.

He became a household name and even won the Delhi elections but then he started using twitter and forgets about ‘anti-establishment’ image and started focusing on ‘anti-modi’ image instead; this led to some brilliant tweets (trolled) on twitter. Most of the times even PM Modi thought that what made Arvind Kejriwal tweet such things on twitter.

Then comes the time when another PM Modi political frenemy Rahul Gandhi twitter account got hacked


And that was the time we realized that maybe Arvind Kejriwal twitter account was hacked and someone else is posting all these absurd tweets on twitter.

Recently Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that our Prime Minister Modi is only 12th Passed,

Well, we certainly believe in that story but we came to know that our prime minister has master’s degree in political science (Degree case is in high court).

Remember, Rohith Vermula case:

But why PM has to sack all the ministries?

Or when he blamed PM Modi for Delhi issues:

who are these PMO sources, didn’t it is compulsory for workers in PMO office to remain silent in all the issue?

Another one:

Just look at the time!

And, this tweets takes the cake.

Latest ones are funnier

Or maybe these bikes are bought by BJP workers.

The (demonetisation) he loves to talk about;


When Kejriwal tried to make fun of Delhi Police!


Or, when he was trying to made fun of Modiji E-rickshaw ride.

And someone trolled him instead:

Wait there’s one more:

Wait, all these tweets are from him? His account not hacked? Oh ohk after all, not a day goes by when Kejriwal isn’t praised, rubbished, analysed or attacked.

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