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The story behind the fourth day of Navratri, which color should you prefer on this day?

Today is the fourth day of the Navratri and the fourth day is of Maa Kushmanda, she is the fourth manifestation of Maa Durga who is worshiped on the fourth day of Navratri.

Mata Kushmanda has eight hands, holding a bow, a jar of nectar, arrow, lotus, mace, discus, chakra and the eighth hand, she has a rosary for blessing her devotees. Due to eight hands, she is known as Ashtavuja. Her complexion is radiant and body color is golden. She rides on a lion.

When the universe was non-existent and darkness prevailed everywhere, Maa Kushmanda produced the Cosmic egg with her smile, bringing light to the universe. Kushmanda has the power and strength to live in the core of Sun. Her luminosity gives the Sun its brightness. She is said to give direction to the Sun God, Surya.

According to popular belief, Devi Kushmanda is reflected in every living and non-living entity of this universe. She is the source of energy, which gives her devotees the ability to make decisions intellectually.

Red is the color of the day.

By: Saket Sharma

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