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No Fear No Favour

The so-called Indian patriarchal society has the third highest number of women beating their husbands!

Domestic violence is a term that is seldom used for ‘husbands’ in our society. While this issue is rampant in both the rural and urban sectors of the country, we often forget that violence does not have a gender.

A recent study conducted by the UN has revealed some shocking results regarding the statistics about domestic violence against husbands. Egypt has been ranked at number one when it comes to abusing and beating husbands. UK is at number two and India is at the third spot.
Egypt is followed by the United Kingdom and India in the ranking. The data, obtained from the Egyptian Family Court, shows that 66% of wives who abuse and beat their husbands apply for divorce in the Family Court.
Husbands who suffer abuse often have no another way to defend themselves from the violence except by suing their wives, with cases reaching 6,000.

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