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The Rich Indian Gods and their demat accounts

Well, we live in a country where we boast of our wealth at any moment we, please. So is the tradition with our gods, they are also the Gates, Buffet, and Ambanis of their clans. “Wealthier the gods, wealthier the followers!”

Counting on wealth, The Tirupati Mandir of Balaji has great potential. We might be talking about billions or maybe trillions of dollars here. The exact figure is never exact.

Well, that’s just not enough. The gods here have their “demat” bank accounts. The shares of the temple are in the seventh heavens, near to the gods, If I must add. Finally, the gods also fell for the roundabout interests offered by the banks. It must have been some mesmerizing advertising and marketing to bring in the gods I must say.

In a country where people die out of hunger and poverty. The gods get a loaded donation in crores, that too in jewelry as well as cash in hand, here accounts. Not to forget they have a cover for the jewelry as well, of how much? Say 52K crores!


Well, nevertheless, they fulfill all you wish for, don’t they? Do they? It’s like a wonderful way of bribing the gods to smoothen your ways at life. Too much for some, too less for others. But in the end, even the gods succumb to the temptations of being rich.

The amount of money that they receive in various forms are nothing but a reflection of the human greed. And this has led to demand accounts on the names of gods. Well, we pulled the gods into this quicksand of greed in a great manner, didn’t we?

In the end, he knows that what’s it worth. About time we knew. Just a thought.

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