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The reason your phone is running out of battery by the afternoon

Everyone is in the habit of connecting their smart phones to the charger in order to make their smart phones fully charged by the time they get up in the morning but what happens next. Is your fully charged battery stays with you for whole day. No, we certainly have to search for the socket to charge our cell phones by the afternoon and then there strikes the point that what is draining the battery of my smart phone so quickly.

Here is the reason why-.

In an independent test by Tech World Zone they provided the overall analysis of power draining effect. Which shows that the social media application like facebook consumes 20% battery of total percentage of charge in your battery? Other apps like whats app, instagram and twitter are also responsible for draining your battery at an equivalent rate as facebook does.
Tech World Zone analyzed this test on every smart phone and they found that the phone without social media application is more sustainable in the order of performance as compared to the smart phones with social media applications.

When asked for the reason that why this happens only with social media application they provided the perfect report to the query persons which states that these social media application such as facebook, whats app, instagram and twitter consumes your battery while the time you are using it as well as they consume battery when they are not in use because these application runs on its own in the background as far as you have the net connection.

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