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The Note Chiller: RBI to launch Rs 200 denomination currency

Since the initiation of the demonetization and then the launch of ELITE note of Rs 2000, the common man of India has suffered a lot. The sufferance initially was for the notes while standing in the queue of ATMs and then to get the change of the pink currency in the market. But finally, RBI has decided to relieve people of all such tensions and bring in the economy the ‘savior’.

The Reserve Bank of India has finally decided to take action on the issuance of Rs 200 denomination note. The action will take place at the end of the month of August or in the initial week of September. This time the bank will also ensure that no forgery or black marketing takes place as previously the money banning action by PM Modi faced a lot of criticism by the opposition as well as general people.

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“There is no other denomination available between Rs 100 and Rs 500 and RBI is expecting Rs 200 notes to become very popular and that’s why it is taking every step to ensure availability of it”, said a source.
RBI has recently received relevant information from its various trusted sources that Rs 200 denomination of note will also come under the illegal trade practices that will create an aftermath as it did after the launch of Rs 2000 denomination note.

The remonetization effect created by the government will have a positive push after the launch of the Rs 200 denomination note as the notes will be launched in the market of a total worth of Rs 50 crore. The central government is taking all prior measures to stop each and every kind of activity that will let down the initiatives of the government for the welfare of people.

The introduction of the Rs 200 denomination of note will ensure the decrease in finance related problems like the unaccounted or the cash which is untaxed in the Indian economy. Moreover, this kind of step will be taken first time in the history of Indian democracy and politics that a denomination of note valuing between Rs 100 and Rs 500 will be launched.

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