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The most hi-tech labours at your door step @ ₹90 : Book My Chotu

Till date you are just aware of the trend i.e. booking your favorite show for movie through Book My show(BMS) in order to save your time from getting queued in the line and there is also something very unique going on right now. As we all are aware of the latest change by current ruling government i.e. demonetization of old currency, due to which public is suffering a lot as they have to get queued into the long lines for exchanging, withdrawing or depositing money irrespective of all the rest work that they have to pursue every day.

Seeking this problem of public the group of some genius made a clear cut solution for those who have some extra pennies in their pockets to spend for not getting queued in the long-lasting lines. This group of genius people have made a website Book My Chotu (BMC) to ensure public that we have someone for you who can take your stand in the long lasting banks and ATM lines at the rate of just 90-rupees per hour.

A delhi-based start-up called “Book My Chotu” is providing helpers in Delhi-NCR for standing in the ATM or bank queues for its user at 90-ruppes per hour. Helpers will not go inside the bank or ATM, and will stand the queues for the customers. The start-up also provides on-demand helpers for cleaning, shifting and grocery shopping.

By: Shivendra Pandey

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