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The millionaire umbrella man! This guy earns more than 30 lakhs in just four months!

An umbrella, as we know it today, is primarily used to protect us from the rains and sunlight. But unlike many, Pratik Doshi saw the opportunity to build an entire business on it. For someone who has generated a revenue of more than Rs. 30 lakhs(USD 50,000) in a couple of months by selling umbrellas, Pratik welcomes and embraces the rains with an unparalleled enthusiasm.

Pratik has been through the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship with an extra bumpy bootstrapping experience. YourStory spoke to Pratik to find out his secret to success and future plans with Cheeky Chunk, the brand under which he sells his umbrellas.

Pratik recalls friends laughing at him behind his back and ridiculing the idea since none of them thought of selling umbrellas for a living. While all his MBA friends enjoyed fat paychecks at a desk job with little worries, Pratik was hustling throughout the city with nothing but a minimal capital and a bright idea that needed execution.
He managed to get 500 umbrellas manufactured and sold via friends and family. Pratik invested his savings of Rs. 1,35,000 which he earned by tutoring in his college days, for validating the idea. This money was spent on designing, manufacturing his product and developing the website. The idea was validated, but he hardly earned any money.

What a regular MBA would earn in two years, Pratik earns that much working just for a quarter of the year only from selling umbrellas.

Credits: Yourstory

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