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That Entire Night, PM Narendra Modi couldn’t sleep reveals a top PMO official!

If someone wanted to learn about the work ethics, than he should be taking some lessons about it to none other than our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi takes ‘Work First’ approach, even if it comes with the cost of his personal time. Modi is a man with “endless energy,” a government official is quoted as saying to the media. One top PMO official told Newsleakcentre, the incident where he was shocked to see PM work dedication and sincerity. The PMO officer was working late night that particular day, when he was about to leave the PMO at 11:30 PM, he got a message from Prime Minister, who just got back from his 10 days foreign trip, asking him to meet at his office late night for some important issues. The official meets with the PM (not jetlagged or tried) and after their meeting ends PM Modi informed the official that he’ll give him the hand written notes on early next morning. The official thought it’s not possible for NaMo to work all night for the work, let alone to write some hand-written notes for him. He thought he would have to do all the work alone next morning.

The official came home early next morning, and for his surprise he found a file on his desk where PM Narendra Modi written all the important bullet points about the topics, which they had discussed earlier. Keep in mind, it was not a computer printed notes, but it was actually NaMo hand written notes. The official said-The thing that shocked me the most is the sincerity Prime Minister Narendra Modi had for his work, Just half-hour earlier he came from his foreign trip and immediately started working on his next project. The best part was he actually did his part of work on night and just like he promised he leave the hand-written notes for me next morning.

During a 2012 Google+ Hangout, Modi – who was then the Chief Minister of Gujarat – told G+ users that he had a daily practice of yoga and pranayam to thank for his energy, and that he took deep breaths to reinvigorate himself whenever he felt tired. We also salute Modi work ethic too!

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