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Now Siri will read and reply to your messages!

Written by Shivangi Chawla

Are you an Apple user? Then this news is for you. Apple iPhones are giving multiple benefits to their consumers by adding new features and by updating iPhone software. With the launch of ios 13.2 in 2019, Apple added a new feature to iPhones. One of the most useful features that rollout was Siri’s ability to read out our messages loudly from the iPhone. This feature is only available in iPhone 6s or models that come after this.

To enable the feature you need to wear AirPods (second or third generation). Once the feature is enabled. Siri will play a tone then simply announce the name of the sender before reading the messages. If a long message is received then Siri will only announce the name of the sender and tell that you have received a message.

With the new updates, Siri can also read your messages when your iPhone is connected with the Apple Carplay. This feature is very helpful especially when you are working out or driving a vehicle.

After reading your messages Siri will not interrupt you and will wait for your reply without saying ‘Hey Siri’. You can use voice commands to give reply to the messages after reading is done.

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