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Taher Shah you are not alone in killing music! This man is now a serious competition for you

Taher Shah! Pakistan’s very own Mankind’s angel is said to be much more dangerous than a nuclear bomb to kill anyone who loves music! People even believed that this man was the first serious threat to India’s MSG. When we somehow started believing that the Pakistani music scene could be a shade better than ours with their superb Coke Studio, singer Taher Shah has managed to tilt things in our favour with just one song. This man is world widely known as a ‘weapon of mass destruction’! But, hold on guys, India has developed an even more devastating, dangerous weapon to give a befitting reply to Taher Shah! Yes, this Indian professor is going to kill your senses and taste of music with his ‘Kitaab, Phool aur Dil’! The most dangerous combination ever in the history of mankind.
If you don’t know what we are talking about yet, do get on to your Twitter or FB timelines and have a day shattered by a man dressed like Michael Jackson and those killer dance moves. He is none other than Prof. V. k. Sharma of YMCA University! Groove to his moves with this video now:

This song is written, composed, sung and choreographed by Prof. V.K.Sharma (ROBOTICS and CONTROL SYSTEMS) in (YMCA UNIVERSITY of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, FARIDABAD) INDIA.The Dress is also designed by Prof. V.K.Sharma.

Wow! Multi-talented man he is. Mr.Taher Shah we still have some hopes from you but for now, this man has proved himself to be your dad at killing music!

By: Swapnil Mishra

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