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Sweden to become best in the world by launching new digital currency notes without demonetization

As we all have heard and going through the demonetization of Indian currency by the Modi government in order to pull out the corrupted amount from the country & blacklist those who hold down the Indian currency for their solely profit. As this is the biggest move by any government in India from the time of independence and has already hit the media worldwide influencing everyone attention towards our nation. No this is not all I’m talking about there is something more interesting and relevant to this edition taking place in Sweden.

Sweden is considering a plan to issue a nation digital currency ‘e-krona’ to deal with the falling domestic use of cash. Sweden’s central bank ‘Riksbank’ has said that the e-krona, will be complementary to cash and that it will not be a replacement. Sweden has played a smart game to enhance their public with the new digitalized currency notes to promote the use of currency notes for domestic purchase work rather than using debit or credit card.

India currently going through the Demonetization due to corruption and countries like Sweden are going through Remonetization of currency because they are corruption free.

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