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Swami Prasad Maurya left BSP when asked for 8 crore rupees by Mayawati all set to join as a Cabinet Minister

BSP supremo Mayawati had a major setback today when more than dozen MLA’s which included big leaders of BSP party like Abdul Manan, and Swami Prasad Maurya left the party.

According to the exclusive information with News Leak Centre, Maurya is all set to take his new role as a ‘Cabinet Minister’ in the present government ruled by ‘Samajwadi Party’. While talking to a family member of  MSY’s family confirmed that Maurya is getting cabinet worth. It was believed that Mayawati was regaining her power and was supposed to emerge as a strong contender in UP’s Election in the coming months.

Maurya accused Mayawati of selling out the party tickets for a huge amount most of the times, and also demanded Rs 8 crores from him which he denied and resigned from the party.

According to the sources, these leaders were not happy with the interference of the Nassimuddin, another senior leader of BSP party who is believed to be very close to Mayawati. Now, in such a situation it is a state of turmoil in the BSP party, which was believed to be regaining the political battle in the state.

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