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No Fear No Favour

Sushma Swaraj again put twitter to good use.

If there’s anyone in Modi-led government cabinet who uses Social media benefits to its fullest it has to be
current foreign affair minister Sushma Swaraj. The minister who always quick to respond to queries of users and help them as soon as possible is again helped a person who lost his passport on Kuala Lumpur visit.

Sushma swaraj on Nov.3 starts new twitter handlers for users to reach out in time of need, Swaraj categorises different problems solutions in different twitter handles. She gives users different twitter handles for VISA and Passport issues. In case of SOS, users can reach out to her directly.

One twitter user informed Sushma Swaraj about his friend lost passport problem. Shailendra Singh tweeted:

Swaraj quick responds to Shailendra Singh, and said Passports did have a habit to lost on Friday, don’t worry she will definitely help her out.

Swaraj also helped a father, who reaches out to her for VISA to visit his Pneumonia patient son in Ukraine.

We applaud Mrs Swaraj new age of governance.

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