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No Fear No Favour

SRK on Girlfriend problems, Sex tape with Kim Kardashian and some of his wittiest replies on #AskSRK session.

Shah Rukh Khan was at his humorous best when he took some time off to answer to his fans on Twitter. Answering questions from girlfriend problems to comparison with Salman Khan, or his future movie prospects too.
#AskSrk session is on since last night, middle of the night for no reasons whatsoever, he started his famous #AskSrk session. Little did King Khan know that he let the floodgates open and soon fifteen minutes turned into more than an hour, during which, SRK gave some really funny answers to some really strange questions. Here are a few gems.

When asked about why he can’t sleep!

When someone share his relationship problems.

The most genuine answer, ever

Tattoo advice!

On Comparison with Bhai.

Kissing Question.

Sometimes even Romance King has no answers!

Jabra Fan Gaurav Chandana is back!

Asking about Aryan’s girlfriend.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.

We salute Srk’s charming witty humour.

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