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SRK: Baadshah of T’wit’ter!

 By: Kavita Khanna

Dubsmashes done by celebrities are amazing in their own way. Yesterday embarked 14 years to ‘Devdas.’ On this occasion, Varun Dhawan teamed up with the diva Madhuri Dixit Nene and made a dubsmash on the very famous dialogue of ‘Devdas.’

Check it out:

 But wait until you see the original ‘Devdas’ tweeting about it and how witty he gets!



Shahrukh Khan has always been on his witty side, his tweet said,”Chandru this is DhawanDas not DevDas! 2nd he doesn’t drink , 2 health conscious. & wot happened to ur voice Chandru”. He referred Madhuri as Chandru (for the character she played in the movie called ‘Chandramukhi.)

SRK always had it with his wit! Wit to go, Sir!

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