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Virat Kohli Embarrassed by Waiter Is Going Viral On Internet

Virat Kohli is one of the finest players in cricket history of India. His leadership skills are beyond perfection.  He has got extraordinary sportsmanship quality that no other captain has so far. He gets accolades for his game from all the cricket fans. He has been so very consistent with his play till date. His talent is not only appreciated in India or abroad but also in Pakistan.

In a bizzare incident, it appears that Kohli was left absolutely shell-shocked and embarrassed by a waiter during India’s tour of South Africa earlier this year.

Kohli went out for lunch with his teammates in the Capetown and that is when he got stuck in an embarrassing situation. While the entire team was enjoying the local cuisine, the captain of the team was soon recognized by a waiter over there and he immediately asked for Kohli’s handshake while telling him how much he enjoys his game. Soon another waiter came near Kohli and grabbed his hand out for a handshake.

Meanwhile, Kohli noticed another waiter reaching his hand out towards him and immediately gave his hand to the waiter. But for the utter embarrassment of Kohli, the waiter actually stretched his hand to pick a dirty plate from the table Kohli was sitting in. Kohli was left embarrassed before all his team mates who have joined him for lunch.’

He said “these guys went mad. I felt so embarrassed. He didn’t even look at my hand.” Kohli narrated this incident in an interview.

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