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Russia: The Republic Of Football Entertainment!!

When the qualifiers for the world cup ended, social networking platforms gets flooded with everybody showing their support for their favorites. All the glamour and stardom from the club football had made its way to the Russian republic. The defending champions were undoubtedly considered the favorites and  big stars like Lionel MESSI, NEYMAR Jr. and Cristiano RONALDO carrying the feelings of
millions of football freaks.

However, the Russians made it pretty clear in their very first game that the hosts are not just hosting, they are all set to provide their fans an experience of a lifetime.

What awestruck the world most was how these favorites couldn’t live up to their potential and every game was “not just an easy game for them”. Lionel MESSI, the magician failed to display his potential and has certainly not taken the pressure very well. Well you can expect a major comeback from this legend as this is what his journey has been all about.

However, CR7 the richest sportsperson in the world gave his fans a delight in Portugal’s game against Spain. Ronaldo with that free kick again proved why he possesses the most lethal strike in the planet. He has successfully drawn attention towards himself like he always does.

The pure Genius of Mexico literally shocked the world after their historical win against Germany. The fans reached such a level of joy, that Mexico was stuck by an earthquake later that night by the intense celebration.



The Spurs have undoubtedly dominated every game they have played, with De bruyne continuing his unbelievable work in the field with that assist to Lukaku and some effective game making, and it just can’t stop raining goal for Hary Kane as he is in the form of his life right now.

The conclusion to this week’s football has stated one thing though, this is the world cup of dreams and  these dreams are strong enough to break through stardom and glamour to make their mark in the world. 5 own goals, African teams scoring their first goals in the tournament, Belgium showing true dominance. This world cup has everything to offer to all the football fans across the globe

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