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Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer teases ‘High School Peter’ struggling with power to save the world.

Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer teases ‘High School Peter’ struggling with power to save the world.

It’s going to be a big year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2017. Marvel Studios will release three MCU films in theaters in a single year – with a pair of sequels and a solo feature for the new version of Peter Parker, as played by Tom Holland.

Holland will be reprising his role as the web-slinger from 2016’s Captain America: Civil War in next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, a solo movie for Mr. Parker (not counting the special appearances by a certain Iron Man) that pits the young superhero against threats like the Vulture (Michael Keaton), the Tinkerer (Michael Chernus) and perhaps worst of all… everyday high school life. Those who were at Marvel’s Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con this year already got a taste of Homecoming‘s “MCU movie-meets John Hughes high school comedy” tone.
Everyone can check out Homecoming footage for themselves online, now that Marvel Studio has debuted the first proper trailer for the film. The trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, featured above, debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

The Homecoming trailer nicely establishes the tone of the film, splicing together clips from Peter’s day to day life in high school – many of which involve Pete’s best friend Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) – with scenes of him either fighting criminals (including, a gang of robbers all decked out in Avengers masks) as Spider-Man or being taken under Tony Stark’s wing. Holland and Downey Jr. established a nice onscreen rapport during their few scenes together in Captain America: Civil War and appear to have carried it over into Homecoming; with Tony being the responsible one for once, while Peter just wants to prove he’s ready to join the big leagues and save the world too.

Michael Keaton also makes a noteworthy appearance in the Homecoming trailer as the heavily-armed and dangerous Vulture – though there are glimpses of other supervillains in the film included here too (namely, the Shocker). In some ways though, the scenes of Pete in high school with Ned and/or trying to juggle his extra-curricular superhero activities with his everyday life are the most captivating elements of this trailer, more than the superhero movie elements (though the final shot of Iron Man and Spider-Man soaring side by side through the air is a strong finish).

Seeing as Homecoming is the sixth Spider-Man “solo” movie released since 2002, the film’s director Jon Watts (Clown) and co-writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Vacation [2015]) will be under pressure to deliver what feels like a unique addition to not only the MCU, but the superhero genre in general. Fortunately, if the “superhero in a John Hughes high school movie” vibe of the trailer is any indication, it appears they may have succeeded at doing just that.

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