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SPG Should Be Held Accountable For Sonia Gandhi’s Injury: Former ADG UP Police

I am surprised at the silence all around. Where are the invesigative journalists, sensation -monger and TRP-seeking channels? Have they been paid to keep quiet. I am referring to the simple issue of Injury to Soniya Gandhi. Why this hush-hush approach? How is it that she was injured so seriously during her road-show that her shoulder is fractured? What were the SPG men doing?

    Were they absent from duty the same way they were absent when Rajiv Gandhi was killed? This is a very serious matter and needs a deep and serious probe. If SPG men were present yet she received this injury it points to two inferences. Firstly, the congress workers and leaders are an indisciplined and brutish lot who do not care for and spare even their top leader, that too a woman. It can be well imagined how they treat other leaders and women. God save Priyanka if she joins active congress stream.

    Secondly, and even more sinister is the implication that SPG is a bunch of incompetent men who cannot protect anybody. Regarding the congress workers Soniya Gandhi may decide whether to take any action or not but regarding SPG the nation would like to know the facts and the govt must institute an enquiry. Or is there another angle to the story? The nation should be clear about the facts.
    Manoj Kumar is Former ADG UP police who has raised this Question

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