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Soon Facebook To Translate Your Post In 44 Language

Facebook is all set to add new friends to your list from all over the world. The billion dollar social network is well stretched all over the globe and is bridging the gap between people by breaking multiple barriers. This time, language.

Soon, Facebook will instantly translate all your posts into 44 other languages. It is translating it in some other languages in the present version as well. Born in Harvard, the network that was first named Facemash, is now the largest trend in the world. Mark Zukerberg believes that Facebook is not just a webpage but something that grows with time and gets better every second. That’s why people at Facebook work hard and are wired in all day long to bring advances like these to you.

Facebook is the recreation of the events that happen, online. It aims at bringing people together on a platform that is capable enough to bring a change. Translation of posts will help in raising your voice all over the globe and also in making friends all over.
It’s a wonderful addition by Facebook and adds another feather to its hat.

“Bon Travail Facebook”
-Good Job Facebook (Translated from French)

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