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Slow and steady really is the way to go! Thailand pet fare recreates hare-tortoise race!

Hahaha! So it’s not just a tall tale! Slow and steady really is the way to go!Footage has emerged of the moment a pet fair in Thailand recreated the iconic race between a tortoise and its old adversary, the hare.

The tortoise has struggled to come out of its shell ever since Aesop wrote a fable about the race in about 600BC, but was convinced to put his title on the line at the Thai pet expo on October 8.

What followed was a truly engrossing contest between the two animals, with the pair swapping the lead on more than one occasion.

The tortoise was predictably slow off the mark but still managed to create a healthy margin between itself and the hare, who was left marooned at the start line.

However, after taking a few seconds to get its bearings, the hare came to and hopped forward, claiming the lead for itself.

The following few seconds were tense – the tortoise keeping a steady pace as it came alongside the hare, before overtaking and taking what seemed to be an unassailable lead.

The hare offered one more hop, prompting squeals from onlookers who thought it may yet pull a rabbit out of the hat – but the tortoise held on to secure its second successive title.

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