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Shocking! Listen to the audio of this merciless doctor who literally asked to kill the patient

This is how the profession of a doctor changed into brutality in Agra!

A doctor is said to be a form of God who serves for his patients and saves millions of lives. The pledge they take before attaining the service says that it’s their priority to save a life above everything. But it seems like that nowadays saving life is more of a bloody business to them. In one of the most horrific and brutally incidents, a renowed doctor in Agra has literally asked his junior doctor to admit an emergency case just for the sake of money and they can later kill them.

“अरे एडमिट कर लो, भले मरने के लिए ही कर लो, कर लो बस, मार डालो, दस यूनिट ब्लड लिख देना, अपने आप भाग जाएगा. पता नहीं कहां कहां से आ जाते हैं”
These are the words of a renowned surgeon Mr. Shwetank Prakash in Agra’s SN Medical college to one his JRs (the audio clip gone viral) who was refusing to admit a patient surfing for septic ulcer. I am ashamed to call him a doctor!

The family members have recorded the audio of the doctor where he is saying that, “It’s a case of bleeding ulcer. Just do one thing, admit him. Doesn’t matter even if he dies; ask them for almost 10 bottles of blood. Later we can kill them”

Listen to this audio:

The patient unfortunately died within 4 hours of this incident. The family members later discovered the truth after listening to the audio, and then filed a complaint against the doctor. This is one of the most shameful and pathetic incidents that could make you shiver down your spine and totally lose faith upon these doctors. All we can hope is that the govt. takes some strict action against such merciless people.

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