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Shankar Mahadevan-Shruti Hasan recreate the breathless magic in this new Munch ad!

When you think of any breathless song, the only Indian musician that can strike the chord is Shankar Mahadevan. Shankar-Ehsan-Loy trio is finally back to create the same magic of breathless music in this new munch campaign. Their latest ad campaign ‘Crunchilicious Munch’ marks the celebration of renovation of the popular Munch wafer brand.

The film showcases Hasan and the musical trio creating a delicious tune Crunch Machaa, Munch Machaa… which is contemporary, quirky and refreshing. The film starts with an impressive verse from Mahadevan, which is appreciated by his crew as well as his Shruti Hassan, who appears to be his student. After completing his verse, Mahadevan challenges Hassan to sing something, with the catch being she has to sing it out in a single breath.

Senthil Kumar, CCO, J Walter Thompson says, “What better way to bring the insight alive, than to take a situation where a guru challenges a shishya or an understudy and how she crunches her doubts and comes back with a rocking musical in one breath. And Shruti armed with Munch accomplishes the challenge with flying colours and blazing a whole new “Munch Machaa” musical that audiences across the country will sing along or share when they see their next Munch or crunch into their Nestle Munch.”

Saurabh Saksena, Sr. Vice President, J Walter Thompson Delhi, says,” The campaign targets a generation who feels confident, empowered and strive to carve their own space. But the big insight is that the world constantly makes them feel less-than-perfect, despite their inherent confidence. The campaign aims to spark confidence and help the youth show the world who they really are!”
The motive behind this ad is equally inspiring. Munch macha, crunch macha…

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