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See what twitteratis think of playing of National Anthem before movie

30th December the day of distortion for the cinema hall for the way they were used to be before the SC implementation of the plea filed by Justices DipakMisra and Amitava Roy of Madhya Pradesh High Court. After the implementation it has been made clear that all the cinema halls be it single screen theatre or multi-plex they will have to play the national anthem with Indian National Flag on screen before playing the movie in order to pay respect towards our national Anthem.
What do you think listening or singing national anthem before watching the movie will bring patriotic vibes in your body or comparing it to the Indian soldiers who are fighting for us Every Day Every Minute and Every Second is going to transform the people mentality into true patriots? I don’t think so for example if you going to watch Sunny Leone A grade movie and before watching it you are singing National Anthem doen’t make sense. Meanwhile it will disgrace your crisp of watching sunny Leone movie.
Another better example that we can take is that in India our Constitution lists 22 languages,which have been referred to as scheduled languages and given recognition, status and official encouragement. Arranging National Anthem for every 22 language speaker in their own language is a big deal or otherwise people are not going to take this serious and they will just pretend to be part of national anthem before watching movie and then at last it is not going to affect them what was played before the start of movie.
Let’s make you are of what #twitteratti think about this Supreme Court decision of playing National Anthem before playing the movie-

This is how Chetan Bhagat reacted-

2. Ram Gopal Verma

3. Rahuk Dholakia Film Maker

4. Shirish Kunder

5. Shekhar Kapoor

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