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Scary ! Your Facebook and whatsApp personal chat is not personal ! FB shares your personal data too

Every single day, more than a billion active users share their thoughts, photos, news, videos, memes, and more with friends and connections on Facebook.
Our sign-in and posting locations; where we took a certain photo; what events we attended and which artists we enjoy. We share all of this, much of it indirectly, without a second thought.
And yet some of us are still surprised when it seems like ads are following us around the web.
Facebook has revealed the huge amount of personal information it knows about its users, which is uses to serve them carefully targeted ads.
Have you ever searched for something, only to see that same product pop up in a sponsored post in your Facebook stream the next time you sign in?

Or read an article about a certain topic, then had ads about that topic appear in your Facebook newsfeed?
The amount of Facebook data collects about us is staggering, and it’s not for no reason. They essentially lease out our online profiles to companies looking to sell us goods and services.

In fact, examining those Facebook ad targeting options throws a lot of light on just how much personal information they’re collecting; everything from relationship status to location, life events, political leanings, interests, digital activities, and personal connections.

The car you drive.
The charitable donations you make.
The websites you visit.

Facebook’s partnerships with offline data tracking companies means it has a crazy amount of information about your online activities, but also about the money you spend and the things you do in the real world, too.
You don’t believe it? Check this out:

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