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Rio Olympics Sets A New Record Over Condoms!

By: Saket Sharma

Sewer infested waters or half empty stands maybe Rio Olympics big problems right now, but the committee has solved one big problem i’e to make sure every athlete will have enough condoms for their 16 days stay in Brazil.

If you think London Olympics Committee decision to distribute 150000 condoms was bit of a stretch, Rio Olympics Committee has ordered 450000 condoms exclusive for athletes to promote safe sex, In the interest of equality and variety, 100,000 of those will be female condoms, and 175,000 lubricant sachets will also be available. Zika Virus is said to be the reason behind this prolific giveaways from Olympics Committee, Zika virus is sexually transmitted disease so safe sex is an even higher priority than any previous Olympics as large number of sporting world gathers in Brazil.

Since the 1992 games in Barcelona, dispensing free condoms has become a tradition to promote the prevention of AIDS. The supply must come in handy, given the reports of free-wheeling sexual activity at Olympic villages; just look at our own 2010 Commonwealth Games for example. This also give birth to one new segment in Sporting Events known as Sex Olympics, where every contraceptive making companies fight it out to become highest seller contraceptives in an event, for you information yes Durex wins it every year.

Now, we are hyped up for the event even more.

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